- A very good product,  that does its job and does it perfectly!

Siri is an active girl who loves skiing and long walks in the mountains. She brought the Heat Experience heated vest on multiple mountain trips.

“ I brought the heated vest on a longer mountain hike. I started from the lowlands walking up towards the peak only wearing a woolen pullover. When the temperature started dropping and the chilly winds started rolling in I put on the Heat Experience heated vest. After that, the cool air and the wind didn`t bother me at all! I did the same trip several times in both warm and cold weather, and the heated vest worked perfectly every time.

I certainly think this heated vest is incredible! When I put it on I was really cold, and once I turned it on i got my core teprature back right away! A very good product, that does its job and does it perfectly!”

Siri Nesh on Instagram