- it`s great to have the option to change temperature level on demand.

Mari is a true mountaineer. Along with her boyfriend Odd Rune she loves climbing, skiing and spending time in the Norwegian nature. Mari brought the Heat Experience self heated vest to Storulvån and Storlidalen.

" The pace was high on the way up to the summit of Storulvån and the heated vest felt almost a little too warm. Even when i didn`t have it powered on— but when we reached the summit and sat down to enjoy the amazing view the temperature reached below 16 degrees celcius and with the high winds the efficiency of the low temperature felt extremely cold. At that point the Heat Experience self heated vest was a savior.

When forest hiking in Storlidalen the activity level was lower and the Heat Experience heated vest  worked perfectly the whole trip. It was quite cold outside and the possibility to change the levels of heat on demand was very useful."