Heated clothing is clothes that have “sewn-in” carbon fiber threads that warms up with energy from an external power supply. Heated clothing has been around for years and is especially popular among motorbike riders. Most of the clothing that motorbike riders use has the ability to use electrical energy from the battery of their bike. There are a lot of other products that have electrical energy from external battery sources. Heated clothing has, in general, been used to keep core parts or major muscles of the body warm, during outdoor activities. 


We know we have the knowledge, and with a vision to develop our technology and produce new products tailor made for outdoorsy users we will reach market in Europe already by fall 2017. We received 100 000 NOK (about 12 000 USD or 11 000 EURO) from Innovation Norway, a government fund to motivate and help innovative entrepreneurs in the startup phase.


Our technology is based on the newest CFRP threads covered in fireproof materials. Our standard batteries are 6000mAh and makes sure the garment keeps you warm up to 10hours at one charge. If you would like extra batteries it`s possible to order at a low cost. We want to create the best quality products from day one and have therefor used well known suppliers like 3M Thinsulate Insulation and YKK zippers. 


The original thin, light and warm synthetic insulation. 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation was invented to make living life in every season more enjoyable. Since then, we’ve chipped away at the boundaries and bulk that prevent pure, unbridled joy of the outdoors

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