Morten Brekke from Mitt Jaktblad (Norwegian hunting magazine is an experiences outdoor enthusiast that has been working with hunting, fishing and outdoors through 20 years. Here Morten brings you his best tips for cold destinations to visit.

Rib boating in Svalbard

The triangle Longyearbyen – Barentsburg – Pyramid is a great base for boat people. Combined with snowmobile and skis this route offers spectacular arctic experiences.

Traditional fishing on Greenland

The southern tip of Greenland offer extreme climate, but also unique fishing possibilities – specially for those who are interested in traditional fishing methods. The surroundings are filled with natural resources, but poor on infrastructure – rent a native guide and learn the old fishing methods.

Canoeing in Canada

Take a flight to Yellow Knife, Canada, and test your paddle skills and survival knowledge with long walks through rivers and rapids. Try also char fishing in Great Slave Lake, that can contain up to 1 year old fish.

Hiking in Yukon

Macenzie-mountains are for the experienced mountaineers among us – start from in the town White Horse, and use a couple of weeks to explore the massive mountain area protruding almost 3000 meters over sea.