the core team

Emil Asbjornslett

Emil has a background in economics, startup and Import. With his passion for entrepreneurship and his charismatic nature Emil is a natural leader. 

Fredrik Pedersen

Fredrik has a background in commercial film production and marketing. With a creative and vigorous nature Fredrik will make sure that everybody knows our brand.

Rasmus Fannemel

Rasmus has a masters degree in product design. With his attention to detail and a creative mind Rasmus will ensure the design and quality of our products are top notch.

We are located in Trondheim, Norway, which particularly represents the perfect climate for heated clothing customers. The lack of heated clothing on the Norwegian market made us begin this project. Heat experience is put together by a group of young entrepreneurs with different theoretical and practical backgrounds: one has a masters degree focusing on the development of Bluetooth, others have experiences of running small business, marketing, production of marketing material and product design. With these qualifications, are we prepared to solve the challenges that will come our way. 

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